PASS Presents Dancing Wheels

Tyler Miller, Staff Writer

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The Performing Arts Series at Shepherd (PASS) showcased the Dancing Wheels Company & School. Dancing Wheels performed on Feb. 27 at 8:00 p.m. at the Frank Center Theater.

What made this performance so unique is that the company is comprised of both able-bodied individuals as well as those with physical disabilities, all of whom are talented dancers and performers.

Rachel Meads, head of PASS, has wanted to bring the group to Shepherd for a number of years.

“They’re such a unique and inspiring group that complements the mission of our Performing Arts Series,” said Meads.

PASS strives to provide a diverse arts and entertainment experience to not only Shepherd University students, but to the Shepherdstown community as well. Each year they bring in a number of performance groups to the area that many students would not have access to otherwise.

“There’s also an educational outreach program that goes along with all PASS events,” explains Meads. On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the Dancing Wheels performed two additional shows for Shepherdstown Elementary School students at the Frank Center Theater, giving many local children the opportunity to see this diverse type of performance.

For more information about PASS and to discover additional upcoming events, visit their website at

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PASS Presents Dancing Wheels