American Conservation Film Festival to begin this weekend

The American Conservation Film Festival, an annual event hosted by Shepherd University. Photo from ACFF
The American Conservation Film Festival is an annual event held here on campus. Every year it features a diverse range of films with an environmental focus, ranging from award winning full-length conservation films to student produced environmental awareness documentaries.
The festival is free to all students, faculty, and staff with a Ramblers card.
This year a virtual reality experience will be featured. The festival website described what viewers can expect. “You can get up close (virtually) to baby orangutans and beautiful coral reefs, climb giant sequoias, swim with great white sharks and explore a cave with carnivorous glow worms – all in 360 degrees!” This unique opportunity is included with no extra cost, and will be offered on all six festival days.
Many of the featured films are followed by a discussion lead by experts and filmmakers from around the world. This gives attendees the opportunity to ask questions about the topic and hear thoughts from various speakers.
Ciera Clawson, an Environmental Studies major who attended the festival last year, said all students should partake in the festival. “It shows a variety of films that educate the public on important environmental issues” Clawson said. “It also brings awareness of our own environmental impact.”
The six day event kicks off on Friday, October 12th beginning at 3:00pm for the virtual reality and at 3:45pm with the films “Person of the Forest” and “Laws of the Lizard”. It will continue through the weekend, and carry over to the following weekend.
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